30 Nov. 2020
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Kim Kardashian spent her 40th birthday at this resort for 11 thousand dollar per day

If in childhood you dreamed of going to a desert island, when you closed the next book about travel and adventure, this is exactly that place.

Of course, there are celebrities who need a little and they live surprisingly modestly, and there are those who also do not mind spending a tidy sum on vacation, but mostly the Kardashian family is known for its wasteful lifestyle. Last week, Kim gathered her entire family and spent her 40th birthday barefoot on the beaches of this island in Polynesia. During the pandemic, a desert island and relatives are the best choice for celebration.

Tetiaroa, with its white sandy beaches, swaying coconut trees, colorful birds and sparkling lagoon — is a paradise on earth. 

The great resort was opened by Marlon Brando. For the first he came to this island during film production of the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty ” and was immediately charmed by its rare beauty and sense of proximity to paradise. 

Marlon Brando with Tarita. Source: alamy.com 

In love with the Polynesian lifestyle and with the queen of Tahiti – Tarita, the love of his life, he decided to find a way to master this paradise and save the beauty of the island’s nature. 

Residence. Source: thebrando.com 

A night in this paradise costs 11 thousand dollar. The three-bedroom residence of Polynesian-style is about 557 m2 of living space, including indoor air-conditioned rooms, terraces and a swimming pool. 

Residence. Source: thebrando.com 
Interiors of the residence. Source: thebrando.com 

Guests have free access to all the resort’s activities and comforts, including several restaurants, water sports, a luxury Polynesian spa, a lagoon-view bar, a beach bar, and more. 

If you do not consider where to fly for the new year holidays, then there is a lot of time to plan it. Write in the comments where you would like to fly and I will help you choose a hotel for the holiday. 

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