30 Nov. 2020
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Life after coronavirus: 7 things which the pandemic will definitely change in our houses

Everybody knows that now the humanity has been hit by the Covid-19 wave, life will never be the same.

Seeing how much we’ve messed up our relationship with Earth, we definitely need to rethink our lifestyle to help it.

Now only the lazy has not written about the virus, and each of us is sure that humanity will find the strength to start life again this time. But what will this “life again ” look like? What else will change besides our habits and values? Here are seven things that can change.


Country house. Source: eliteestate.com

We all like huge beehives, which we call apartment buildings, but they were designed to organize as many people as possible in one place. Health and hygiene were not considered. Is it worth it?

In times of a pandemic, it is necessary to reduce contact with everything that is used in high-rise buildings: elevators, door handles, surfaces, and, first of all, neighbors. Today, people need a home that can effectively provide social isolation. Or should I move to the island where Kim Kardashian celebrated her birthday? No, this is already fantastic.


Looking at our real experience, movies about the end of the world don’t seem so fantastic anymore. During the quarantine, many of us have stocked up on extra refrigerators full of food, so the desire to prepare your home for natural or man-made hazards is no longer surprising. Next to the house there will be not only a garage, but also a bunker, or at least a fortified basement with a storage room for food, water and everything necessary. It’s an indiscreet building.

The famous bunker in Las Vegas. Source: google.com

Off with the studios

No wonder the Biebers said goodbye to their home – Studio. After the pandemic, the entrance area will be divided so that we can leave shoes, clothes and things on the street, and not take out the dirt in living space. As I believe, this solution will eliminate a lot of problems.

Justin and Hailey Bieber’s Studio

Particularly demanding families can also create a hallway with antiseptic dispensers for disinfection. Once you pass through this space, you will get clean access to the home for delivery or guests.

Yeah, you can’t go to a resort in this sitiation.

Filtration and neutralization

Usually, many people neglect water and air filtration systems and for good reason. After the pandemic, the trend will change, as people worry about what might happen if the virus gets into the water supply.

Источник: BBC Food Good
Add for a water filter. Source: goodfood.com

Manufacturers of smart home systems will go even further. Their programs will not only monitor the temperature of water and air in the house, but also its quality and, if necessary, will automatically clean it, but this will obviously not be cheap.

House as a new office

Many of us were forced to work at home during the quarantine, and the truth is to stay at home. And not to endanger their relatives and friends. Of course, after the end of the quarantine, there will be people who will immediately run to the office, but most of them will stay at home. So now I, as a designer, pay more attention to the arrangement of the workplace at home in my projects. The new IKEA 2021 collection already has a separate office space.

Home office from the IKEA 2021 collection. Source: ikea.com

Urban economy is becoming large-scale

If earlier everyone took care of their small garden in a pot or on a balcony, and more responsible neighbors started small gardens in their yards, now the pandemic will force us to go further.

First, growing will give you the opportunity to escape from daily routine and problems, especially during self-isolation. Second, indoor gardens can provide you with oxygen. The trend for phytostenes has been around for many years, but as an interior designer, I’ll tell you that you haven’t explored the full potential.

Guy Ricci’s Film “Gentlemen”. Source: google.com

A vivid example was recalled from guy Ritchie’s film “Gentlemen”, where marijuana is produced on underground plantations. You can build an underground basement with a garden, a mini cheese factory or a winery. Agree, the effort would be worth it.

Rejection of the mass industry

I remember that we were all surprised by the photos of the sky in Johan before and after the first quarantine. After two months of being forced to abandon mass production, they could finally breathe fresh air. As you can see, the coronavirus adds values somewhere.

Photo of Yuhan before and after the quarantine. Source: NY Post

After the quarantine, we all wondered: what is the point of a multi-million dollar pair of shoes and huge wardrobes? The new world will be about things that make sense and don’t harm the planet. We will no longer buy everything and will pay attention to the naturalness of the materials. In addition, governments will have to support local producers to restore economic performance or, as it is not unfortunate to report, we will sooner or later destroy our planet.

Wash your hands, stay at home, and let’s create a new decent life that the planet no longer wants to lose.

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