30 Nov. 2020
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The houses from the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” are fiction or reality?

All the luxury homes from the movie and where to find them in real life

Movie houses have a completely different function than in reality houses. Of course, we do not omit the question of their practicality – they are also used for walking and jumping, as in real life, but not for permanent home. The more important target of the interior of houses and scenes is to bring the idea of the film, to increase a certain atmosphere that the directors want to message to the audience or add the personality of the characters. 

And the best example of this is the film by John M. Chu’s “Crazy Rich Asians.” The film tells the story of Rachel Chu, an American woman who meets her boyfriend’s family and realizes that they are the richest people in Singapore. Yon can ask: How much? Imagine the people who rent out Michelle and Barack Obama’s homes in Singapore. In other words, these people are the leading developers in Singapore and get the hang of luxury real estate better than most. So where will the mega rich Nick’s family, the real estate magnate? Let’s get this over. 

Nick Young’s parents ‘ house 

The house pictured as the Singapore home of Eleanor Young, in the movie “Crazy Rich Asians”, is actually a B-land house located in the jungle outside of Kuala Lumpur. The amazing architectural residence was designed by Canadian architect Stephanie Megan, whose family has lived in this house for more than 6 years, and she did it very, very lucky. 

The modern dwelling was built on piles among the treetops on a hillside in the jungle and has 6 bedrooms. The house consists of three pavilions on different levels connected by a bridge with glass walls, and 7 stairs required for vertical connection due to the slope. Not a house, but a fortress.

And, while the B-land house definitely has the potential to be the best in a movie about the country of the mega-rich men, it’s another family mansion that stands out as the supreme symbol of status and wealth and this is where the family matriarch lives. Is it interesting? It gets better. 

Nick’s granny’s Palace 

Nick’s grandmother lives in the mansion of Young’s ancestors, which we see in all its glory. In the film, it is located on the territory of a huge estate surrounded by many hectares of hills and beautiful gardens. But in Singapore there are no houses surrounded by so many plants, and the authors got out of it – the house was inserted into the background of the Singapore Botanical garden. How to arrange your garden at home, I tell you in this article.  

The house as it is shown in the film was actually shot in two abandoned mansions: The Carcosa Seri Negara hotel in the Botanic gardens and Perdana in Kuala Lumpur. The interior scenes were shot in one building, and the exterior scenes were shot in another. 

“The interior of the living room reminds us of the time when Asians began to travel to Europe” – a historical reference that the decorator makes us. I exactly don’t have any questions about this house. This is a mix of European and Moroccan furniture on the background of English Wallpaper. The Victorian style, through the prism of Asian chic, is brilliant. Decorator Nelson Koat, says ” … the silk curtains were made overnight by a draper who always smiled when asked to do the impossible…» 

Peik Lin house, dressed in gold and curtains 

Image © 2018 Warner Bros. Pictures

Rachel’s College friend, Peik Lin, and her eccentric family were also honored with a luxury home, but I forgive you, if you think that it’s her house that looks the richest and most special in terms of interior design. Her house is cheaper than the rest of the people represented. Not a mansion in the Russian forests, but still. 

The interiors of her home were inspired by the hall of mirrors at Versailles and, of course, the Golden penthouse of Donald Trump. And if you’re wondering if the Peik Lin house exists in real life, I’d be happy to let you know that it does. It is located in the prestigious area of Singapore, Dempsey Hill. To stay here, you will need from 30 to 45 thousand dollar per month. Not a bad price, but it’s worth it. 

Share with me your thoughts about what you read and leave comments with your opinion, I will be interested in reading it. If you have any questions about design or you want to choose a unique interior for your home, I am ready to help you!

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